'factory' is a short documentary about a long lasting process. three places tell different stories. they belong together; they differ from each other; they follow one another and become dissolved from each other. they are intertwined as the present, the past and the future. a space is opened that requires no words.

the movie is a joint group project without director.

concept and idea: marlene hentschel  birgit müller  paul beetz
cinematography: marlene hentschel  simone pfeifer
sound: birgit müller  paul beetz
editing: simone pfeifer  paul beetz
production: paul beetz

thanks to:
filmarche berlin  25p *cine support  screenshot berlin

special thanks to:
thomas schechner
heiko rech und familie
hermann henschel
roberto weber
otto risch/abbas ayad company

the movie was screened at the 22. dokumentART - european filmfestival for documentaries
in szczecin, poland on 21. of october 2013 and in neubrandenburg, germany on 22. of october 2013.



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